How does Promotion work?

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How does Promotion work?

Promotions are built upon existing Rate Groups. It can be a percentage or a fixed amount of discount. Her is a list of promotion types that you can set up in your account:

  • Flash Deal: offer a discounted rate during a certain period, e.g. a Thanksgiving Sale, or a January Sale, etc.
  • Early Bird Deal: offer a discounted rate to customers who book in advance
  • Last Minute Deal: offer a discounted rate to customers who book in the last minute, e.g. same day bookings
  • Members Only Deal: offer a discounted rate to your selected members only. You can set up a Discount Code and send it to your selected memebers. Only reservations made through this code can have this promotional rate.

The promotion is displayed in the search results as shown below:

If you have the Show Rates in Booking Widget feature enabled in Settings >> Web Booking Setup, The discounted rates may show on the booking widget as this:See Setup OnRes 2.0 Booking Process (section 5) for details about enabling this feature.

Note that the actual discounted amount on a reservation may vary depending on the dates selected and the dates that the promotion covers. For example, say a 10% promotion is only effective on Feb 1st, and a user who searches for both Feb 1st and Feb 2nd will see an actual 5% discount in the search results, because the promotion is only effective on the 1st night of stay.

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