How to create reports for Vacacation Rental accounts?

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How to create reports for Vacacation Rental accounts?

Accounts that are running in the Vacation Rental mode are often in the need of creating reports for each individual rental property to track their revenues and commissions. This section summarises the steps to create such reports.

Step 1 – Set up commission amount at the Rates Setup. Commissions are set on a per Rate Group basis, therefore, individual rental properties that are booked on different Rate Groups can have different commission rates.

Step 2 – Create a Custom Report as described in the above section (Section 3.1).

  • Include all the fields you like, e.g. Product Name, Check-in/out Dates, Total Cost, etc. If this is a Commission report, make sure to include “Commission” in the Report Fields.
  • If you would like to have a report for each property, create one report for each Property by selecting the specific Product in the Filter section
  • If you would like the system to deliver the report to each property owner, add the owner’s email address to the Delivery to Email section
  • You can enable the Auto Report option to let the system deliver the report on the desired dates at a desired frequency, e.g. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Anually. The default reporting period will be the past period depending on the frequency, e.g. the past month for a monthly report. And you can override the default reporting period by enabling the Override Reporting Period option and setting a fixed Start/End dates.

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