How to set Occupancy Based Rates?

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How to set Occupancy Based Rates?

Click on the Set button to expand the Occupancy Based Pricing section. You can set the prices for up to 4 occupancies (keep the rest boxes blank). The price for any occupancy above that will be the last set Occupancy Based Rate, plus Extra Guest Charges (if any applicable).

For example, in a room for a guest capacity of 4, if you have set $100 for 1 or 2 occupancies and charged $10 for each extra adult guest then:

  • for 2 guests, the rate is $100
  • for 3 guests, the rate is $110
  • for 4 guests, the rate is $120

Extra Guest Charge:

For this Rate Group, you can set a default charge for an Extra Guest under the Rates tab (Setup >> Rates). You can also set them on a day-to-day basis in the Override Extra Guest Charges as shown in the above screenshot. To remove the Occupancy Based Rates, click on the Remove button and press Save.

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