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Keep track of your housekeeping operations such as room cleaning schedules and status, assigning housekeeping tasks, and managing inventory of cleaning supplies. The OnRes solution improves the overall guest experience by ensuring that rooms are clean and ready for guests in a timely manner.

Simplify Booking Operations

Our motel management system allows easy and efficient reservation management, including room availability, check-in and check-out, guest information, room rates, and more. It simplifies the booking process for guests and helps managers to effectively manage occupancy and revenue.

Sales Made Simple

The integrated POS solution enables staff to manage transactions for food, beverage, and other retail items. It simplifies the billing process and allows them to accurately track inventory and sales, providing valuable insights for revenue management.

Personalize Every Stay

The motel software helps you store guest information including contact details, reservation history, preferences, and other relevant data. It allows you to provide personalized service, with a booking experience in the guests’ preferred language to create a better guest experience.

Expand Your Online Reach

Manage rates and availability across multiple online channels, such as Booking.com, Expedia, Airbnb, and more from one centralized platform. It helps to increase visibility and revenue while minimizing overbooking and double bookings.

Smart Decisions Made Easy

OnRes gives you detailed reports on occupancy, revenue, expenses, and other important metrics. Such data can be used for informed decision-making, forecasting, and overall management of the motel further helping you boost revenue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A motel management software is a critical tool utilized by various staff members to ensure smooth operations. It simplifies tasks and boosts coordination across different service areas, predominantly used by:

  • Front desk personnel
  • Reservation clerks
  • Housekeeping staff
  • Motel management
  • Food service employees
  • Maintenance teams

Adopting motel management software brings substantial benefits, streamlining operational tasks and improving the guest experience. Key advantages encompass:

  • Efficient operational workflow
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Optimized booking management
  • Simplified task allocation
  • Effective revenue tracking
  • Accessible data analysis and reporting

Motels use a software called the motel management system. Its functions are less than a full-fledged hotel management system and more than a B&B, considering the limited operations and requirements of motels.

In case of any more questions regarding the OnRes motel software, do not hesitate to contact us.

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