How to set and close rates?

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How to set and close rates?

The window to set and close rates in the OnRes system looks like below.

Set and close out rates in the OnRes system

Perform the following activities step by step:

Select Date(s): Hover on a particular date or drag and select a date range. Then click on the Set Rate in the pop-up.

Set Rate: Enter the start and end dates. However, if there is already a base rate set and you wish to replace the rate, then you can click on the “Use Current End Date” checkbox at the bottom. Here, rate values can be set as a flat rate during the period or on a per day-of-week basis (if Enable Weekday Rates checkbox is clicked).

Close out rate for this date range: The rates in this date range will be deleted if you click on the checkbox.

Batch Update: The same date range and rate values can be applied to multiple rate groups in a batch. Just select all applicable rate group(s) on the top right before saving. 

Note: Filtering selection also applies to the list of rate groups showing in this popup window.

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