How to set restrictions?

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How to set restrictions?

The restrictions window in the OnRes system looks like below:

Select Date(s): Hover on a particular date or drag and select a date range. Then click on the Set Restriction button in the pop-up.

Set Rate: Enter the start and end dates. However, if there is already a restriction set and you wish to replace the restriction, then you can click on the “Use Current End Date” checkbox at the bottom. Here, restrictions can be set as a flat rate during the period or on a per day-of-week basis (if Enable Weekday Rates checkbox is clicked).

Remove all restrictions for this date range: The restriction in this date range will be deleted if you click on the checkbox.

Batch Update: The same date range and restrictions can be applied to multiple rate groups in a batch. Just select all applicable rate group(s) on the top right before saving. 

Note: Filtering selection also applies to the list of rate groups showing in this popup window.

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