How to check-in a guest?

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How to check-in a guest?

Here is a typical check-in process in the OnRes system.

First go to the right side panel of the Reservation Manager, where today’s checking-in, checking-out and staying over reservations are listed in three different sections.

Click on the reservation ID that you are checking-in, to bring up the Reservation Details window.

Checking a guest in

At the Reservation Details, go through the following tabs:

Checking a guest in from Reservation Details
  1. Update guest contact information
  2. Check if guest would like to purchase any Add-ons for their stay
  3. Make room assignment(s) (details in the section below)
  4. At the Check-In/Out tab, you can
    4.1 leave notes to the housekeeping department if needed
Notes for the housekeeping team during check-in

4.2 Click the Check-in button to open the pop up to allow you print the Registration Card

4.3 Click the PROCEED TO CHECK-IN button to complete the process

Checking the guest-in in the OnRes system

    After a successful check-in, the reservation button in the Reservation Manager will appear green.

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