What are the Quick Reports and how to run them?

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What are the Quick Reports and how to run them?

Quick Reports are pre-built reports that you can run any time in the OnRes system. Current reports are:

  • History & Forecast Report
    Provides past, present and future objected information, such as occupancy, revenue, room status and guest, and so on, for a period of time. For example, if you run a report of the current month on the 10th of the month, the report will show the past 9 days data as History, and objected data for the rest of the month as Forecast.
  • In-House Guests
    Provides a brief summary of the current in-house guests, such as their names, room number, special needs (if any). The guest names are recorded in the Room Assignment tab in the Reservations Details window.

To run the report, click the ‘Run Report’ button.

In the pop up window, select the date period, output format (PDF or CSV), and press ‘Download Report’ button to download the report, or optionally press the Email Report button to have the report sent to the email address showing in the Email Recipient box.

The email address is pre-populated and you can always change it.

History & Forecast quick report in OnRes
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