How to create and modify rooms?

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How to create and modify rooms?

Rooms are created and modified at the Rooms Setup tab (Setup -> Rooms)

Create and modify rooms in OnRes

Click on the ‘New Room’ button to create open a Room Details popup window, where you can enter the Room Number, Notes, and assign a Room Type to it.

You can set up the room amenities by toggling the check boxes in the Room Amenity section. The list of Amenities are set up in Settings -> Property Info & Amenities section.

You can also set the current status to Active, Out Of Order or Out of Service. You can also schedule a date range for Out of Service. The system (Night Audit) will update the status when the scheduled time comes.

Set current status of the room in the OnRes system

Copy a room: you can create a room more quickly by clicking on the “Copy” action link to create a duplicate room, with a new name “Original_Room_Number_copy”. The newly created room will have the same attributes as the original one.

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