Do you need a folio (bill) for the group?

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Do you need a folio (bill) for the group?

If you decide to charge all or partial cost of the member reservations to the group, you can transfer the charges to the group folio, which is managed under the Billing & Payment tab.

View folios of a particular reservation

Similar to the folios managed in each reservation, a default folio will be created once the Group Reservation status is set to “Definite”, with the folio ID be “GXXXXXX-01A”, where XXXXX is the Group Reservation ID.

You can create multiple folios for the group by pressing the New Folio button. The subsequent folio IDs will be “GXXXXXX-01B” and “GXXXXXX-01C” and so on.

There are two ways to transfer charges from member reservations to the group folio:

  • Manaually transfer charges from a single reservation folio to a group folio
  • Setup a Billing Instruction to transfer the charges from all member reservations to the group folio
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