How to pre-authorize credit card?

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How to pre-authorize credit card?

In the Reservation List, find the reservation you want to pre-authorize the credit card for.

Find reservation you want to pre-authorize the credit card for

Open the Reservation Details window, and click on the ‘Authorize Guest Credit Card’ button.

Make sure you have the guest credit card information and total amount saved in the reservation record before doing this.

Authorize guest credit card

Then on the popup, you can choose a different amount to authorize (for example, a 50% deposit), then click ‘Authorize’ button to proceed.

Authorize guest credit card with the amount you wish to

The system will then connect to the Payment Gateway interface and respond with a success or fail message after the transaction.

If it’s successful, you will see a transaction record in the Payment History section with Payment Status “PreAuthorized”.


  1. The pre-authorized amount will be held for 30 days unless the transaction is cancelled.
  2. When you charge the guest credit card that had a prior pre-authorization, avoid making a new charge by clicking on the Charge Guest Credit Card button, instead, open the Payment History popup and complete the charge on the pre-authorized transaction.
  3. If you want to cancel the pre-authorized transaction, see this section for details.
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