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Let GDS Connectivity drive more revenue from the Travel Agent (TA) network world-wide

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Simplified GDS for Hotels

Boost your bookings and hotel revenue with the fastest growing market segment. Connect your property with leading GDS players like Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport (Galileo, Worldspan, Apollo) with OnRes GDS connectivity.

One platform for worldwide travel network

Don’t let your hotel business hold a back seat. OnRes GDS connectivity lets you tap into the massive network of travel agencies with a unified process of real-time rate updates, streamline inventory distribution thus giving you a global visibility. 

Open higher revenue streams

Tour operators across the world often use GDS such as Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport to find the best rates on flights and accommodations. By using OnRes GDS, you make way for new revenue streams to sell your hotel inventory on all connected platforms.

Legacy-built — future-proof

You may not expect it, but Global Distribution Systems are still increasing yearly revenues. Businesses, governments, and yes, even millennials are taking advantage of simplicity, speed, and pricing that traditional travel management companies offer. OnRes makes sure you don’t miss out on your share of this growing market segment.

GDS providers generate billions of dollars of annual revenue — are you getting your share?

Tap into a massive network of customers from every region in the world with OnRes simplified GDS connectivity.

Tap into new markets

Eliminate the complexity of signing up on different GDS platforms and connect with top travel providers at no cost. With OnRes, we get your property visible on the global travel network and generate higher bookings from new geographies.

Connect with leading GDS providers

With OnRes, we help you connect with top GDS providers like Sabre, Worldspan, Galileo, and Amadeus through a single interface. Our detailed business reporting helps you track the performance of channels to enhance your distribution strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Global Distribution System (GDS) is a digital network connecting travel providers (hotels, airlines, car rentals) with travel agents and booking platforms. It acts as a central hub, offering real-time access to travel inventory, rates, and availability for booking travel arrangements.

Hotels list their room inventory and rates on a GDS. Travel agents and booking platforms can then access this information to search for hotels, compare options, and make reservations on behalf of their clients. This streamlines the booking process and increases hotel visibility to a wider audience.

Major players in the GDS industry include:

  1. Amadeus
  2. Worldspan
  3. Sabre
  4. Travelport (Galileo & Apollo)

Joining a GDS offers several benefits for hotels, including:

  • Increased visibility to travel agents
  • Reach a wider audience, including corporate travelers
  • 24/7 online presence for bookings
  • Streamlined reservation process

GDS platforms provide a range of functionalities to manage travel inventory and bookings, including:

  • Real-time inventory and rate management
  • Centralized reservation system
  • Travel booking functionalities (flights, hotels, cars)
  • Integration with property management systems

Consider your hotel size, target market, and budget. GDS benefits large chains and hotels catering to corporate travel. Smaller hotels may find online travel agencies (OTAs) more cost-effective.

GDS is likely to evolve alongside travel trends. Integration with online booking platforms and mobile solutions will be crucial. While facing competition from online travel agencies, GDS will likely remain a key channel for travel professionals.

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