How to create a new Package in the OnRes system?

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How to create a new Package in the OnRes system?

Follow these steps to create a new package in the OnRes system.

Step 1: Click on the ‘New Package’ button to open the Package Builder window.

Step 1 of creating a new package in the OnRes system

Step 2: Follow the steps and fill out the required information under each tab, such as package name, if you want to keep the package active for bookings, which inventory (parent product) do you want to use for the package.

In addition, enter details such as package summary, package description and if you want to enable the package for custom search.

Enter the package details to create a new package

Step 3: Link this package to a Parent Product under the Use Inventory of [Parent Product] dropdown.

Pick the inventory for which you want to create the package.

Step 4: Fill in the rest of the information or Copy From Parent Room Type.

In case you want to copy the package details from the parent room type

Step 5: Either link the Product to an existing Rate Group or create a new Rate Group. 

Choosing rate groups or creating a new rate group for the new package

This is how you can create new packages in the OnRes system.

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