How to edit the email contents and use the Special Codes?

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How to edit the email contents and use the Special Codes?

Special Codes are special tags that you can insert into your email subject or body content, as a placeholder that will be replaced by actual values from the current reservation at run time.

Take a look at the detailed description of these codes when you click on the ‘Special Codes’ button.

A rich format text editor is provided in the OnRes system for editing when the HTML Format is enabled.

Rich text editor for emails with special code

There is a built-in Template for starters. Click on ‘Template’ to bring up a pop-up showing an email template, which has typical Special Codes embedded in the message content.

Click on ‘Apply Template’ to populate the template contents into your editor. Review the texts and click on Save.

In built templates to be used with special codes

Testing – click on the Test button to send a test email to the email specified in the Reply Email Address field. You must save your changes before performing the test.

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