How to merge duplicate contacts?

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How to merge duplicate contacts?

Over time, it is possible that the same guest made reservations with different email addresses, which results in multiple contact profiles for the same person in the system.

The system allows you to merge these contact profiles into one record, following the steps below:

Step 1: Toggle the checkboxes from the list of contacts you want to merge, and click the ‘Merge Contacts’ button to open the popup window.

Select contacts to merge

Step 2: In the Merge Contacts popup window, you can select the specific fields of the merge result from the profile of your choice, for example, select the phone number from profile #1 and address from profile #2. Then click the Merge button to complete the merge.

Select the fields you want to merge while merging contacts

The merge process will delete the records of the other candidates, and keep the latest updated record of the candidate list with the merged results.

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