How to view or find reservations?

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How to view or find reservations?

By default, the list shows reservations booked during the past 30 days. However, there is an option for setting a custom Date Range or you can use the Quick Access buttons to view reservations for today, tomorrow, or any month. 

Note: The list shows information as per your selection in the “Date Range For” dropdown. For example, if you choose Tomorrow in the Quick Access tab and select “Check-out Date” in the ‘Date Range For’ tab, then it will show information on all reservations checking out tomorrow.

How to view or find reservations in OnRes system?

Sort: Click on the column header to sort the reservation list by the selected column.

Search: You can enter and find a Reservation ID, Guest Name, or a particular room type from the search tab.

View: Click on the Reservation ID in the list to open and view the Reservation Details in the window. 

Export: Click the Export button to download the reservation list showing on the current screen in a CSV format file.

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