How to view or find reservations in the OnRes system?

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How to view or find reservations in the OnRes system?

By default, the reservation list in the OnRes system shows reservations booked during the past 30 days.

However, there is an option for setting a custom Date Range or you can use the Quick Access buttons to view reservations for today, tomorrow, or any month as shown in the screenshot below.

Note: The list shows information as per your selection in the “Date Range For” dropdown. For example, if you choose Tomorrow in the Quick Access tab and select “Check-out Date” in the ‘Date Range For’ tab, then it will show information on all reservations checking out tomorrow.

How to view or find reservations in OnRes system?

You can perform the following actions on this screen:

Sort: Click on the column header to sort the reservation list by the selected column.

Search: You can enter and find a Reservation ID, Guest Name, or a particular room type from the search tab.

View: Click on the Reservation ID in the list to open and view the Reservation Details in the window. 

Export: Click the Export button to download the reservation list showing on the current screen in a CSV format file.

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