What can Contact Manager do for me?

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What can Contact Manager do for me?

Contact Manager in the OnRes system allows you to track your guest profile information and their reservation history. You can search a guest by the name, email, or phone number.

The contact manager module in the OnRes system

Email Guests: You can send emails to the guest directly from the Contact Details module.

Email guests from the contact manager

Email Marketing: You can view or set if guest has consent to allow email marketing.

Enable email marketing to the guest from the contact manager

The ‘Allow Email Marketing’ flag is set when the guest toggles the checkbox during the booking process, as shown in the screenshot below.

Guest consenting to receive emails, offers and promotions from the property

or when you set it in the Reservation Details window:

Allow email marketing to the guest from the reservation details window

Flag the guest: If you would like to flag a guest for any reason, you can set it here in the Contact Details window:

Flagging the guest for any reason can also be done from the contact manager

Once a guest is flagged, all reservations made by the guest will show the guest name as “flagged”:

Flagged guest is displayed in the Reservation Details window
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