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Postings for each folio will be listed on the respective receipt. Each folio will produce its own receipt with its own transactions.

You can generate receipts for each individual folio by openning each individual folio, and then clicking on the Receipt button at the Guest Billing window

Or you can generate receipts at the reservation level when there are multiple folios in the reservation. Go to Reservation Details window, click on the All Receipts button.

If this is a Master reservation, you can also generate receipts at the Master reservation level. Go to Master Reservation Details window, click on the All Receipts button.

When there are multiple folios present for the room, the folios are listed on multiple pages. You may see a line marked as “(page break)” between the folios. This will not show on the actual receipts (in PDF or print). Instead, when you click on the Print button, they will appear as actual page breaks on the document.

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