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Send a pre-check-in email to guests with upselling options, including room upgrade and early check-in, allowing guests to choose their preferred check-in time and notifying the property.

Room Assignment

You can manually or automatically assign rooms upon pre-check-in notification, as the system checks room availability in real-time and notifies guests for any changes in room assignment.

Automated Check-Ins

Our system sends notifications to the guests letting them complete the check-in process from their mobile device, and pick up their room key from the front desk. This in turn will reduce waiting time.

Quick Check-out

Upon selecting direct check-out and confirming charges, guests will receive a check-out confirmation email with a receipt attached, while the property will be notified via email.

Late Check-Out

Upon choosing a late check-out, the system calculates the charge and sends a check-out confirmation email to the guest with a receipt attached and a notification email to the property.

Extended Stays

The system calculates the charge for an extended stay, confirms with the guest, and sends an email indicating the new check-out date to the guest, and a notification to the property via email.

Upsell Services

Impart better experience to guests with options to upgrade their room, sign up for indoor activities, and other value added services. This can be during the check-in or during the stay.

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  • I am amazed at the times in which people have booked the cabin. The team at OnRes Systems is professional and easy to work with and OnRes has increased my reservations.
    Mary Jo Nestlerode
    Pine Village Rentals, Waterville, PA, USA
  • Steve and his team offer one of the best Customer Service levels I have rarely experienced, with prompt, efficient and friendly responses to any system issues one may encounter.
    Anahita Kar
    Hollywood Hills Suite, Hollywood, CA, USA
  • OnRes provides quick responses to all requests and fast solutions to any issue. We strongly recommend OnRes Systems to other hotels worldwide seeking to increase reservations via the GDS (Global Distribution System).
    Mercedes Lora
    CIQALA Luxury Suites – San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Almost immediately I could see the increase in business. Not to mention, as a small business, the freedom I gained by using OnRes has greatly improved my own quality of life.
    Michelle Odato
    Starlite Motel, Big Indian, NY, USA
  • OnRes Systems online reservation software is the most user-friendly system I’ve worked with.
    Jason Lo
    PoCo Inn and Suites, Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada
  • OnRes not only built our gorgeous new website in a timely and professional manner, but also provide our online reservation system and our channel management to and Expedia.
    Sheri Seiferling
    RG Ventures / Prince Albert Inn, Prince Albert, SK, Canada
  • We chose OnRes because after speaking to several other providers, we felt that the personalized and attentive service we received during our initial conversations with Steve, would be indicative of our experience once we started using their services.
    Marina Rossi
    Rossi Hotel, Palm Springs, CA, USA
  • Since we started we’ve seen a noticeable increase in our direct reservations.
    Dikesh Patel
  • The OnRes team understands that a hotel business runs 24/7. They are timely and responsive to any support requests I make — even if it’s not their software causing the problem.

    Kelowna Inn & Suites
  • The support from OnRes is hugely important, the response time on support is very quick, usually less than 24 hours, which helps us keep the system and our booking operations running efficiently.

    Nathalie Snyder
    Penticton Lakeside Resort & Conference Centre
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Frequently Asked Questions

A contactless guest experience utilizes technology to minimize physical interactions between guests and hotel staff. This enhances safety and convenience by allowing guests to control various aspects of their stay through mobile apps, digital keycards, and voice assistants.

Effective contactless implementation requires a user-friendly mobile app, staff training, and clear signage. Offer alternative options for guests unfamiliar with technology, and ensure data security measures are in place.

Contactless technology fosters guest safety and well-being, reduces waiting times, and streamlines operations. It caters to tech-savvy guests and offers a more personalized, convenient hotel experience.

Contactless technology can be found throughout the guest journey, including:

  • Mobile check-in & check-out
  • Digital room keys
  • In-room voice assistants
  • Mobile app for room service & requests
  • Contactless payments
  • Self-service kiosks

Hotels that embrace contactless solutions experience several advantages, including:

  • Enhanced guest safety & hygiene by minimizing physical touchpoints
  • Increased convenience & control for guests with self-service options through mobile apps or voice assistants
  • Improved operational efficiency by streamlining tasks and reducing wait times
  • Personalized guest experience through targeted communication and service options
  • Positive impact on guest satisfaction with a focus on safety, convenience, and control
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