Accounts Receivable Accounts

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Accounts Receivable Accounts

Accounts Receivable Accounts identify companies and travel agents that have been deemed credit worthy by the hotel. Once the A/R account has been created, the A/R Account ID is attached to the company or travel agent profile in Contact Manager.

When a reservation is created for which the company or agent has indicated they will pay some or all of the charges, the company or agent profile needs to be entered on the reservation so the reservation is associated with the A/R Account ID (A/R Acct #). This allows you to create a folio for the company or agent which can then be transferred to Accounts Receivable using the Direct Billing payment method at the end of the guest’s stay.

Accounts receivables configurations in the OnRes system

On the A/R account a Credit Limit can be entered. This is currently informational only and will play a role once we implement our own A/R module.

When generating a receipt for a Company or Travel Agent, the billing address on the A/R account will appear on the folio if an A/R account ID is associated with the Company or Travek Agent.

To add new account, click on the ‘Add Account’ button.

To edit an existing account, click on the edit icon.

To delete an account, click on the delete icon.

Accounts Receivable details
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