How to set up custom message for booking process?

What is a custom message and where is it displayed?

You can display a custom message on the top of the booking widget and the search result pages. It can be an important notice that you would like the bookers to know before they start the booking process. For example, you can display a notice regarding health & safety procedures that are currently in effect […]

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How to set up room availability on booking widget page?

To show All Room Availability on the Booking Widget Calendar (the Date Picker), you can enable this feature at Settings -> Web Booking Setup: To show individual Availability Calendar for each Room Type below the Booking Widget Calendar, you can go to Setup -> Product, open Product Details page, and select yes for the Show […]

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How does room availability on booking widget page work?

This feature allows guests to view the room availability on each date on the booking widget page. There are two ways to display the room availability: 1. Show Availability of All Room Types in the Booking Widget Calendar (the Date Picker). For example, the grey blocks indicate the dates that are sold out 2. Show […]

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How to create Room Amenities?

Room Amenities are created at the Property & Amenities section under the Settings tab. You can either drag and drop the items from the Suggestion List on the right side of the screen into the Room Amenities area for your account, or type into the text box below and click button Add to add into the list. […]

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