Items in the Group Reservation Details window

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Items in the Group Reservation Details window

This is how the Group Reservation Details window looks like in the OnRes system.

Group Reservation Details window

These are the details you can find in this window.

Group ID: A system generated code that identifies a Group Reservation. It always starts with letter ‘G’, e.g. G12345.

Status: Indicates the status of the reservation/inventory:

  • Prospect: A quote has been issued to a requesting party. At this moment the rooms in the block are not decreasing the general inventory.
  • Tentative: Some sort of an agreement with the booking party has been reached and the rooms are taken out of the general inventory. You can either use this status while awaiting a client signature, or a required deposit to be received before moving to the next status.
  • Definite: The rooms from the block have been taken from general inventory. from now on, pickup reservations can be made.
  • Cancelled: The group reservation has been cancelled. No block inventory can be allocated. Note that you cannot cancel the Group Reservation if there are still uncancelled pickup reservations in the block.

Group Name: Name of the group.

Code: A user created code for guests to book online (letters, numbers and dashes(‘-‘) only, max 15 chars, no spaces). Must be unique and cannot be the same as other Discount or Promotional Codes. When guests book from our booking widget, enter the code in the “Promotional Code”

Block Size: The total number of rooms allocated. Informational only (non-editable) – actual block allocation takes place under the Block tab.

Check-In / Check-Out Dates: A date range starting from the first arrival date to the last departure date. The inventory blocks will be allocated based on this date range.

Required Deposit Amount / Deposit Due Date: Records the deposit amount and due date. The deposit amount is for information only – actual amount, when it is received, needs to be posted in the group folio under the Billing & Payment tab.

Release Date: The date on which the block needs to be turned into individual reservations. If the names are not received, the (remainder of) the room block is returned to general availability.

Cut-off Date: From this date, cancelled reservations of this group no longer return to the group block, but are returned to general availability.

Summary – Total Reserved Cost: The total revenue of the all picked up reservations, calculated at the time of pickup reservation. Informational only (non-editable). The actual reservation revenue is posted and managed in each individual reservation’s folio or in the Group folio.

Summary – Deposit Paid: Paid deposit can be recorded here for informational purposes only. To track it properly in the financial system, the deposit amount must be posted in the Group folio under the Billing & Payment tab, or optionally managed in individual reservation’s guest folio.

Guarantee information: Credit card information.

Organizer Tab: The organizer’s name and company information. When the Group Reservation is created, the Organizer’s profile is created as well and the Organizer profile ID is generated and will show on this Organizer’s tab. An existing profile can be retrieved from the system entering an email address and pressing the search button.

Blocks Tab: Create, edit, or delete inventory blocks. Details can be found in subsequent help sections.

Pickups Tab: Manages pickup reservations. Details can be found in subsequent help sections.

Notes Tab: Records any notes regarding this Group.

Activity Log Tab: Displays all activities related to the group reservation.

Note: Activities for each individual pickup reservation can be found in the Reservation Details window for the respective individual reservation.

Billing & Payment: Manage the group billing and payment. Details can be found in subsequent help sections.

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