Explain the tabs in the Reservation Details window.

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Explain the tabs in the Reservation Details window.

Reservation details in the OnRes system

The above screenshot represents the Reservation Details window in the OnRes system. The tabs indicate below:

Guest Info: This includes the guest’s contact/basic information. To find any existing guest information you can enter the email address and click on the 🔍 icon, their details will auto-populate in the fields below. You can also find the guest booking history by clicking on the “view history” button.

Guest History: This shows a list of bookings performed by the guest along with their current Reward Points, and Status (if recorded in the Contact Manager).

Room Assignment: It allows users to assign rooms to each guest.

Reservation Info: This shows miscellaneous reservation-related information like Check-in/out status, Room Clean status, etc.

OTA/GDS Info: OTAs/GDS related details such as their booking confirmation number. (This is not applicable to reservations directly booked through OnRes.)

Notes: Allows users to enter any reservation related comments.

Add-ons: Lets users view, add, or delete any add-on items.

Availability: Run an availability search for the dates entered in this window during the process of making a reservation. When the search results are ready, click on the Select button to view the room type and rate group of the respective fields in the Details window.

Activity Log: This shows a history of changes made to this reservation.

Emails: Allows users to send various types of emails such as Booking confirmation, check-in/out, reminder, or any custom promotions.

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