What tasks are performed during Night Audit?

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What tasks are performed during Night Audit?

The following tasks are performed during a night audit process in the OnRes system.

Tasks during the night audit process

Reservation Tasks

  • Set NO-SHOW: Set NO-SHOW status to reservations on the audit date that are not checked-in, any room assignments for these reservations will be removed.

Housekeeping Tasks

  • Set OD Status: Update the Housekeeping status to Dirty for all Occupied rooms
  • Set / Unset OOO: If any rooms are scheduled to be Out of Order(OOO), the system will update the room status to OOO upon entering the schedueld period; or back to Active upon exiting the period

Financial System Tasks

  • Post room charges for the day
  • Post add-on item charges for the day
  • Process Ledger Verification and generate verification report

The Night Audit process also produces the following reports:

  • In House Guests
  • Ledger Verification
  • Room / Housekeeping Status
  • Upcoming Arrivals
  • Upcoming Departures
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