How does Room Auto Quarantine work?

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How does Room Auto Quarantine work?


One of the challenges for the hotels during the COVID-19 pandenmic is that when two reservations on the same room type are booked back to back, there is no way you can quarantine the room for 24 hours or longer. This can be challenging especially to vacation rental or B&B type of properties where there is only one room per room type.


Therefore, we’ve introduced this Room Auto-Quarantine feature to solve your problem. Once the feature is enabled, the system will automatically insert a COVID-HOLD reservation on the check-out date of each reservation we received from web, mobile, or the OTA/GDS channels.

For example, if a new reservation is made on Aug 20th for the Queen Bed Room for 3 nights (checking-out on Aug 23rd), then the COVID-HOLD reservation would be starting on Aug 23 for 2 nights, if you set the Quarentine Period to be 2 days.

The COVID-HOLD reservation is made on the same room type as the “Parent” reservation, and will last for the number of days set in the Web Booking Setup section. This way the availability for this room is blocked, hence to prevent it from being taken by other reservations.

Impact to Availability Search:

When user searches for avaiability on your web site, if the feature is enabled, the system would search the queried dates plus the configured quarantine period for availability.

For example, if a guest searches for Aug 20th for 2 nights, and you have an one-night quarantine period configured, then the system would query availability for not just Aug 20th and 21st, but also Aug 22nd. If these there is no availability for the 22nd, the search would not return results for Aug 20th and 21st only.

Effective Date Period:

This feature is effective to all future reservations once the feature is enabled, or optionally, you can set the effective date period, where only reservations ending (e.g. last night of stay) in this period will be associated with a COVID-HOLD reservation.


When the “Parent” reservation is modified, e.g. moved to a new date or room type, the system will automatically move the associated COVID-HOLD reservation with it, e.g. to the new room type and/or the new dates following the Parent reservation.


When the “Parent” reservation is cancelled, the associated COVID-HOLD reservation will be automatically cancelled too.

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