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Hotel channel manager to grow your online presence

We help you set the right rates on the right channels during all times of the year – low, shoulder or peak season. OnRes OTA channel manager offers you endless opportunities to connect with global travel agents like Expedia, Booking.com, TripAdvisor, and Airbnb expanding your reach and overall revenue. 

Connect with the right channels

Establishing OTA partnerships can be a tough nut to crack. However, with our hotel channel manager software we offer you endless opportunities to connect with travel agents, push inventory and rates and run promotional campaigns as soon as you get listed.

Synchronize rate and inventory

Updating rates and rooms among all your OTA channels can be a daunting task. Let OnRes channel manager and booking engine simplify that for you with real-time updates across all your connected channels so you can stay focused on your business goals.

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Increase overall occupancy

Be readily available where your guests want you to be. Whether it is the shoulder or peak season, we help you keep the sales funnel flowing by showcasing your hotel business on multiple online travel channels; not affecting your bottom line.

Multi-language support

Get connected with your potential guests in their local language on booking sites they trust. With OnRes’s Airbnb certified channel manager, enhance your global presence, take advantage of a digital marketing channel and execute effortless hotel operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A hotel channel manager is a software that streamlines online distribution by connecting your property management system (PMS) to various booking channels (OTAs, GDS, etc.). It automatically updates room rates and availability across all platforms, preventing overbooking and saving you time.

The channel manager acts as a central hub, synchronizing your hotel’s inventory and rates with connected booking channels. When a reservation is made, the channel manager instantly updates availability across all platforms and your PMS, ensuring real-time accuracy.

A hotel channel manager can significantly improve your business by:

  • Maximizing occupancy through wider distribution and real-time inventory.
  • Increasing revenue by allowing you to manage rates effectively across channels.
  • Saving time by automating updates and reducing manual work.
  • Boosting guest satisfaction with accurate availability and a seamless booking experience.

Consider these factors when choosing a hotel channel manager:

  • Features: Does it integrate with your PMS and offer the channels you need?
  • Ease of use: Is the interface user-friendly for your staff?
  • Pricing: Does the cost fit your budget and property size?
  • Scalability: Can it accommodate your future growth needs?
  • Customer support: Does the provider offer reliable support?

Hotel channel management systems offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Increased revenue and occupancy rates.
  • Improved operational efficiency and reduced workload.
  • Enhanced guest experience with accurate online information.
  • Valuable data and insights for better pricing strategies.
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