How to post charges to a folio?

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How to post charges to a folio?

If the Night Audit is enabled with the Auto mode, the room and add-on charges will be posted to each folio for every checked-in reservation automatically, but if the guest incurred any incidental charges, for example, a room service meal or laundry, you can open the folio and click the ‘Post’ button to post the charges manually.

On the Post popup window, click on the Posting Code box and select a code from the list. You can type part of the code to filter the list. When a code is selected, if the code has an associated Default Price (from the Financial Settings), then the default price will be automatically populated in the Amount field.

If the selected Posting Code is for room charge (i.e. with “Room Charges” Category), then the room rate for that date will be applied. Once the Amount and Count is set, the system will calculate the total.

Note: Since this is a manual post, the Posting Factors are not counted into the calculation. For example, if you are posting a breakfast with a Posting Factor of “Per adult per night”, the posting factor is counted into the calculation, so you must enter the actual # of breakfast purchased in the Count field.

Reference: For auditing purposes, enter a ticket number, an external invoice number or transaction number here. It will appear in the invoice/receipt.

Notes: You can enter notes related to this posting for internal use. It will not appear in the invoice/receipt.

Post charges to a folio
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