What is auto re-pricing and how to disable it?

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What is auto re-pricing and how to disable it?

Auto re-pricing is a feature in the OnRes system that automatically calculates the cost when you make any changes in the Reservation Details window. 

For example: changing dates, number of rooms, product, rate group, etc. 

It is an efficient tool that allows you to see price changes instantly without any extra clicks.

However, at times you may also want to lock the price.

For example, when you want to upgrade your VIP guest to another room type without changing the price, you can use Price Lock to temporarily disable the Auto Re-pricing feature.

Before you make any changes, click on the green button to lock the price; this won’t trigger any price re-calculation. Remember to save your changes before you unlock them as reloading the reservation page will unlock it automatically. 

To permanently disable this feature: Go to Settings >> Web Booking Setup, and “Enable Default Price Lock” in the Miscellaneous section.

How to disable and enable default price lock in OnRes system?

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