Explained: How Channel Management works in the OnRes system?

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Explained: How Channel Management works in the OnRes system?

Once you click on the ‘Channel Management‘ module in the OnRes extranet, you will come across this window:

Channel management module in the OnRes extranet

Based on the OTAs (Online Travel Agents) you want to connect to, enter the required details corresponding to each section in the window.

This is how the booking and room mapping table for Booking.com and any connected OTA looks in the OnRes extranet:

Booking.com and Expedia Channel management in OnRes

To connect OnRes channel manager with your Expedia listing, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Expedia account (you need to pick a connectivity partner from here)
  2. Steps from the homepage are as follows:
    • Select ‘Rates and Inventory’ Tab.
    • Select Expedia QuickConnect Settings.
    • Select system provider (Search for AccomPro).
    • Select connectivity type.
    • Click submit.
  3. You will receive an email from Expedia to confirm your chosen connection set up.
  4. Enter your Expedia hotel code on the OnRes extranet, and map your hotel rooms as you did with Booking.com.

Refer to the screenshot below on how the Expedia Partner Central connectivity should look like.

OnRes Expedia Connectivity

There you have it. That is how you make the OnRes channel manager work for your property.

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