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Setup Guest Email

If you would like to try out the Multiple Room Type Booking feature for your account, please contact OnRes Support to enable it.

After the feature is enabled, you will need to make sure the Guest Email Body (for Multiple Room Type Booking only) is properly set in Settings -> Guest Emails. Namely for the Reservation Confirmation Email and Reservation Reminder Email.

The Guest Emails utilize a couple of new Special Codes to properly display the information of booked rooms per room type, and the payment/cost information per room type. E.g. <#MultiRoomTypeBookingInfo#> and <#MultiRoomTypePaymentInfo#>, which are included in the new default template.

Here are the details:

Once the feature is enabled, your current Guest Email Body will be saved as a Backup, and a new Email Body that is compatible to the Multipe Room Type Booking feature must be setup.

As shown in the screenshot, if the Email Body isn’t in place, you can click on the View Template button to apply the default template.

If the Email Body is already set, please review it and make sure it carries the information for your needs.

Set up guest emails and reservation confirmation emails for multiple room type bookings

You can repeat this for Reservation Reminder Emails too.

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