How to create a “3rd Night Free” kind of promotion?

How to show booked promotion in the guest confirmation emails?

For accounts that are enabled with Multiple Room Type Bookings, the promotion will automatically appear in the guest confirmation email without any additional setup work. For regular accounts, include the Special Code <#PromotionName#> in your Guest Email Setup. Then the system will automatically replace the Special Code with actual booked promotion name. For details about […]

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How to apply a promotion in the Reservation Details window?

You can apply one or more promotions to a reservation by selecting the Promotions in the drop down (as shown below). The list of promotion options are subject to the Rate Group selected in this reservation. When a promotion is selected, the discounted rate is automatically calculated.

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How to exclude certain dates?

Say you have a promotion that covers the entire winter, but you don’t it to be bookable during certain dates, e.g. the New Years Eve. Then you can set the dates on the Excluded Dates Calendar to “blackout” the promotion on these dates. Click on the “Exclude these Dates”, and in the calendar, click on […]

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What happens when two promotions overlap on the same dates?

The two promotions will be listed side by side in the search result. Guests can select any one of rates displayed, including the original rates, promotional rate 1, and promotional rate 2, and so on. Therefore, guests won’t be able to book a rate with multiple promotions combined.

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How to setup a Promotion?

Promotions are setup in the Promotions page under the Setup section. To create a promotion, click on the New Promotion button. To edit an exsiting promotion, click on the promotion name in the Promotion List, to open the Promotion Details window to edit. The Promotion Details window looks like this: For information about each field, hover your […]

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How does Promotion work?

Promotions are built upon existing Rate Groups. It can be a percentage or a fixed amount of discount. Her is a list of promotion types that you can set up in your account: The promotion is displayed in the search results as shown below: If you have the Show Rates in Booking Widget feature enabled […]

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