How to associate a Discount Code to certain Rate Groups?

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How to associate a Discount Code to certain Rate Groups?

Sometimes you may want to set up a promo code or discount code to activate a specific negotiated rate.

For example: If you want to set up a code called OnRes for OnRes employees that gives a flat rate, you can do so by associating a Discount Code with any Rate Groups that you want only OnRes employees to access.

Note: Once a Rate Group is associated with a Discount Code, this Rate won’t be bookable unless the Discount Code is provided in the search. This is different from the code you create in the Promotion module, where the Promotion Code activates a promotion rather than a Rate Group.

Step 1: Set up a Discount Code in the Setup -> Discount Code section. You can set the Discount Amount to be zero if you are going to offer a flat rate (rather than a percentage or discount amount).

Set up discount code in the OnRes system

Step 2: Link the Rate Group to the Discount Code. Go to Setup -> Rates, and open the Rate Group you would like to associate the Discount Code with.

In the Rate Group Details window, choose the Discount Code(s) at the bottom right corner for association and press Save.

Select who do you want to associate the discount codes with

Once the above steps are complete, the guests can book this rate by entering the code during search. Only the associated rates will show up in the search results.

Applying the new discount (promotional) code while making the booking
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