How to make payment?

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How to make payment?

This is how you can make payment from the OnRes system.

Pay a single folio

Open the folio and click the ‘Pay’ button to process payment for the folio you just opened.

Pay all folios within the same reservation

At the Reservation Details window, click the ‘Pay All Bills’ button to process payment for all folios in this reservation.

Pay all folios within the Master Reservation

At the Master Reservation window, click the ‘Pay All Bills’ button to process payment for all folios in this master reservation.

On the Pay popup window, select the Payment Type from the dropdown list.

When a credit card type is selected, the guest’s credit card number will appear below for confirmation. If there are 2 cards saved on the reservation, they will be listed as options for you to select which card this payment will go to.

When this reservation is associated with a Company Profile or a Travel Agent profile that has an Accounts Receivable (A/R) account associated, the Direct Billing option will be provided in the Payment Types list.

If your account is linked to a Payment Gateway interface, when the Pay button is clicked, the system will connect to the Payment Gateway and charge the card in real time.

Reference – you can enter something like an external invoice number or transaction number here. When a Payment Gateway is connected, the transaction number will be recorded in this field.

Notes – you can enter some notes related to this payment for internal use. It will not appear in the invoice/receipt.

Pay for a folio in the OnRes system
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