How to split a multi-room reservation?

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How to split a multi-room reservation?

When you receive a booking for multiple rooms (with the same room type), you may want to split them into single-room reservations. For instance, when a guest booked 2 King Rooms, one for him/herself and the other for a friend.

Here, the guest may want to split the bill. By clicking on the Split Multi-Room button, the OnRes system will generate two new reservations, each with single-room occupancy, and split the room costs evenly.

split a multi-room reservation in OnRes


  1. The system will split the number of guests evenly, which may not always be accurate. Meaning, if the original reservation has 2 rooms for 5 guests, after splitting the number of guests will be 2 in each room. Hence, double-check the number of guests in each reservation and make necessary corrections if need be.
  2. If there are add-on items in the original reservation, the system will keep them as it is. Hence, examine the add-on costs and make the necessary adjustments.
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