How does room availability on booking widget page work?

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How does room availability on booking widget page work?

This feature allows guests to view the room availability on each date on the booking widget page. There are two ways to display the room availability:

1. Show Availability of All Room Types in the Booking Widget Calendar (the Date Picker). For example, the grey blocks indicate the dates that are sold out

Show availability of all room types on the booking widget calendar

2. Show individual Availability Calendar for each Room Type below the Booking Widget Calendar. E.g.

show individual availability calendar for each room type

Note: For the first way (showing on the Date Picker), please be aware that when the booking widget calendar is showing availability for multiple room types, and when the user is looking for multiple nights stay, sometimes it may show that there is availability on some dates, but when the user selects these dates and run an actual search, the system may respond that there is no availability on selected dates.

This is because when multiple nights are requested, some room type may be only available on a portion of the selected dates, whereas the other room types may be only available on the other portion of the dates.

Therefore on the booking widget even it appears that there are availability on these dates, but no single room type is able to accommodate all the dates requested.

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