How to create a new Rate Group?

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How to create a new Rate Group?

To create a new rate group in the OnRes system, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Click on the New Rate Group button and the Rate Group Details window will popup.

Creating new rate group in the OnRes system - step 1

Step 2: Fill out the necessary information in the form, choose the Associated Product(s) that you would want to link this Rate Group with and then press Save.

Enter information like rate group name, type, applicable taxes, fees, and associated products (room types)


1. A rate group will be effective only if it is linked to at least one product, and has valid rate values set for the desired date range.

2. OnRes 2.0 no longer supports Base Rate. The rate values need to be defined on a per-date basis.

3. You can copy an existing Rate Group by clicking on the ‘Copy’ button on the Rates List page.

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