How to transfer a posting to another folio?

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How to transfer a posting to another folio?

A posting can be transferred from one folio to another by the following means:

  • Manual transfer – described in this section
  • Automatic transfer (by setting up the Billing Instructions) – described in the next section

Manual transfer

Transfer a posting to another folio manually

First, open the folio and select the entry or entries that you would like to transfer. If there are any associated tax entries, they will be automatically selected too.

Then click on the ‘Transfer’ button to open the popup.

Manually transfer a posting to another folio

Step 1: Select the receiving folio for the transfer. By default, the other folios within the same reservation will be listed as the receiving folios. If you’d like to transfer to another folio that’s not in the list, you can enter the Guest Name, Room # or Reservation ID to search.

Step 2: Enter notes if needed (optional).

Step 3: Click the ‘Transfer’ button to proceed.

Transferred entries will not show in the original Folio by default, but you can check the “Show All” checkbox to view them.

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