Revenue Types

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Revenue Types

Revenue Types are used to group Posting Codes for the Management Report. Typical Revenue Types are: Room, F&B, Laundry, Telephony, PayTV, etc, but you can also create more detailed types as needed, such as:

Instead of just Room, you can create Corporate Room Revenue, Group Room Revenue, Transient Room Revenue etc.

Instead of just F&B, you can go with Room Service Breakfast, Room Service Lunch, Room Service Dinner, Room Service Night, BuffetRest Breakfast, BuffetRest Lunch, BuffetRest Dinner, FancyRest Lunch, FancyRest Dinner, MiniBar, Lobby Coffee, Lobby HighTea, Bar Lunch, Bar Dinner, Bar Night, etc.

Revenue Types in the OnRes system

Different reports can be produced based on these revenue types.

Note: all codes must be letters, numbers, dashes(“-“), underscores(“_”), and ampersand(“&”) only, max 15 characters, no space is allowed

To add new code, click on the Add Code button

To edit an existing code, click on the  icon

To delete a code, click on the  icon

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