How to use the Smart Search function?

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How to use the Smart Search function?

You can use the Search box as shown above to find reservations in the system by the following information.

  • ID – can be the standard OnRes Reservation ID, e.g. 9123456, the Master Reservation ID, e.g. M12345, or the OTA/GDS Confirmation #
  • Guest Name – can be just the last name, first name, or full name, e.g. “Smith”, “Mike, “Mike Smith”, or “Smith, Mike”
  • Guest Email
  • Guest Phone Number

The system will try to search the reservations within the date range that your calendar is currently showing. If no desired search results found, you can click on the “Search other dates”, and the system will search all reservations from the past 30 days to 18 month out in the future.

You can click on the Reservation ID link on the search results table to open the Reservation Details window.

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