How to show/hide the reservations on the right side panel?

How to use the Smart Search function?

You can use the Search box as shown above to find reservations in the system by the following information. The system will try to search the reservations within the date range that your calendar is currently showing. If no desired search results found, you can click on the “Search other dates”, and the system will […]

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How to use the Filter function?

You can click on the filter box as shown above, type in the product name (full or partial), the product rows in the table will be filtered by the full (or partial) name you have typed in. For example, you can type in “double” to show all products that have “double” in its name. Note […]

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How to switch between the Enhanced View and Classic View?

When you login the first time after the new Reservations Manager is deployed, you will be prompted to choose to either try the enhanced Reservations Manager now or stay with the current Classic view. Once you’ve made your choice, it will be set as your default Reservations Manager. To change your default Reservations Manager, click […]

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