How to show/hide the reservations on the right side panel of the enhanced reservation view?

How to split a multi-room reservation?

When you receive a booking for multiple rooms (with the same room type), you may want to split them into single-room reservations. For instance, when a guest booked 2 King Rooms, one for him/herself and the other for a friend. Here, the guest may want to split the bill. By clicking on the Split Multi-Room […]

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What is auto re-pricing and how to disable it?

Auto re-pricing is a feature that automatically calculates the cost when you make any changes in the Reservation Details window.  Example: changing dates, number of rooms, product, rate group, etc.  It is an efficient tool that allows you to instantly see price changes without any extra clicks. However, at times you may also want to […]

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How to view the credit card number?

The credit card number is hidden in the system by default. To view, you need to click on the ๐Ÿ‘๏ธ icon and perform the validation process. Note: The card details will be stored only for 5 days post the checkout date.

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Explain the tabs in the Reservation Details window.

Guest Info: This includes the guest’s contact/basic information. To find any existing guest information you can enter the email address and click on the ๐Ÿ” icon, their details will auto-populate in the fields below. You can also find the guest booking history by clicking on the “view history” button. Guest History: This shows a list […]

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