How to merge existing single reservations into a Master Reservation?

How to cancel/reactivate a Master or Child Reservation?

To Cancel a Child Reservation, open the Master Reservation, and click on the “Cancel” button in the Child Reservation List to cancel the selected one. The cancelled Child Reservation remains in the Master. You can also cancell it by opening the Child Reservation Details and click on the Cancel button on the top. To Cancel the entire […]

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How to add/split a Child Reservation to/from an existing Master Reservation?

Add: Open the Master Reservation, and click on the Add New button to add a new Child Reservation into the Master. The common info (e.g. Guest Info) will be automatically populated. Split: Open the Master Reservation, and click on the Split button in the Child Reservation List to split the selected Child Reservation from the Master. The splitted Child […]

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How to create a Master Reservation?

Basically, you can create a single reservation first. Then add another reservation into it to make it a Master Reservation. For example, suppose you would like to create a Master Reservation that contains a Junior Suite and a Luxury Suite. First, click the New Reservation button and create a single reservation for a Junior Suite. After the […]

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How to view / edit a Master Reservation?

Click on the Reservation ID in the Reservation List will open the Reservation Details window. For Master Reservations: it will show a list of Child Reservations, the common information of all Child Reservations, and the Summary, which contains the corresponding sum amount of all Child Reservations. The following information are modified at the Master level, […]

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How to find / sort a Master Reservation?

In the Reservation List page, each Master Reservation has a Master ID shown in the first column. Searching: You can search a reservation by its Master ID, Child ReservationID, the Guest Name, or Email. Sorting: When you sort the reservation list, all Child Reservations that belong to the same Master Reservation will be shown together. If you […]

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The Reservation IDs

A reservation containing multipe room types is called a Master Reservation, with a Master Reservation ID that starts with “M”, e.g. M100020. A normal reservation (which does not contain multiple room types) will have a normal Reservation ID, e.g. 9123456. Each room type booked in a Master Reservation is presented as a separate Child Reservation identified by a Child Reservation ID. […]

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