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OnRes software systems provides hotel, motel and resort owners and managers alike with online reservation software designed to increase your online bookings. Our system can help your hotel stay competitive by providing your customers with the simplicity of online booking, directly through your website.

A Better Booking Experience

There are a number of benefits to having direct bookings on your accommodation website. Our reservation solutions seamlessly integrate with your website, to ensure that travellers from around the world can view your boutique hotel’s exact room availability, seasonal rates and packages when booking with you. OnRes’ systems are tastefully designed so that your customers can feel confident booking their stay in just a couple of clicks. Providing customers with the opportunity to book rooms directly through your website, allows them to browse your site and get to know your hotel. This way, customers can browse your packages, rates and availability and book their accommodation accordingly.

By providing your customers with direct online booking you will avoid paying travel agents and online booking website’s commissions. Offering global travellers the ease of online booking will increase your room’s capacity as customers from around the world can book your accommodation from the comfort of their own home.

Key Features of OnRes

OnRes solutions integrates with your hotel’s website, to ensure that global travellers can view your hotel’s room availability and daily, weekly and monthly rates in multiple languages including; English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. Our packaging module allows you to create multiple packages without the risk of double booking and input promotional codes so that you can offer guests seasonal rates and other discounts.

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