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OnRes is a Premium Certified TripConnect Partner

TripConnect allows hotel owners and managers to compete for more direct bookings, using a pay-per-click advertising model. The higher your bid, the higher your property’s listing will appear in TripAdvisor’s Hotel Price Comparison Search box. Thereby increasing the chance that TripAdvisor users will view your property, its availability and rates and then visit your property’s website’s direct booking page. When your property is unavailable or full, TripConnect will push your hotel to the bottom of the search results, and put a clear symbol next to it to let users know that your accommodation is fully booked.

Connect with TripAdvisor For Even More Reach

OnRes systems are TripConnect Premium Partners, which means that you are able to bid your chosen amount for traffic for your property. This service also offers automated review collection and provides you with enhanced tracking abilities. When travellers click your “Official Site” link (as shown in the graphic above), they will be taken directly to your website’s booking page to complete the transaction. This means that your property can become visible on a global scale through one of the world’s largest online travel agents.

TripConnect is a powerful, low-cost acquisition tool that will help your hotel maximize bookings by attracting travellers from all over the world with your rates and room availability — and then send them directly to your website’s booking page with a single click.

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