GDS Connectivity
(Global Distribution System)

Connecting you to the World’s network of Travel Agents (TAs)

Simplified Global Distribution System Connectivity

Don’t neglect the fastest-growing market segment among millennial travellers. Improve your occupancy rates by making human travel agents work for you — tap into massive GDS databases, including Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport (Galileo, Worldspan, Apollo) with OnRes simplified GDS connectivity.

Tap into a massive network of travel agents

Each year, travel agencies book billions of dollars of revenue for business travel customers and multi-flight,  multi-destination travellers — don’t let your accommodations go unnoticed. OnRes GDS connectivity helps you tap into this massive network of travel agencies, improving seasonal
occupancy rates and increasing your bottom line.

Tap into a massive network of travel agents

Leverage tour operators you didn’t even hire

GDS systems such as Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport are used throughout the world by tour operators to find the best rates on flights and accommodations. By using the OnRes GDS distribution software, you leverage the long-established travel industry to sell your accommodations for you.

Legacy-built — future-proof

You may not expect it, but Global Distribution Systems are still increasing yearly revenues. Businesses, governments, and yes, even millennials are taking advantage of simplicity, speed, and pricing that traditional travel management companies offer. OnRes makes sure you don’t miss out on your share of this growing market segment.

GDS providers generate billions of dollars of annual revenue — are you getting your share?

Tap into a massive network of customers from every region in the world with OnRes simplified GDS connectivity.

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