AccomPro Enhanced and Enhanced ultra Edition

AccomPro Enhanced Edition will increase the value of your average online reservation.

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AccomPro Enhanced Edition is an ideal application for everything listed in AccomPro Standard / Ultra but especially Mid-Large Hotels


The following features / modules are only available in the AccomPro Enhanced / Ultra:
  • Customer Account Login
  • Book Multiple Rooms
  • 3 Customizable Fields
  • PayPal Integration
  • Customize Receipts
  • Social Media Consultation and Initial Setup
  • Google Analytics Integration

Customer Account Login:

  • Allow customers to create an account in the reservation process
  • Customers can retrieve their booking to modify their contact information, change their  reservation itinerary or cancel their reservation
  • The booking / checkout process recognizes returning customers

Book Multiple Rooms:

  • Allows guests to book more than room in a single reservation

3 Customizable Fields (requires Enhanced Ultra):

  • Collect more information from your customers (e.g. - Flight Number, Arrival Time, Transfer Required)

Custom Search Results Format (requires Enhanced Ultra):

  • Choose from a variety of search results formats or have us design one for you

PayPal Integration:

  • Connect to your PayPal account for real-time credit card processing

Customized Receipts (requires Enhanced Ultra):

  • Allow us to build a customer receipt template for all your guest's reservation detail

Social Media Marketing Consultation and Initial Setup (requires Enhanced Ultra):

  • Not on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin? - Let us help
Google Analytics Integration (requires Enhanced Ultra):
  • Let us integrate your Google Analytics code into your AccomPro account so you can track completed reservations

Client Example (click to view):

onres hotel software - accompro enhanced ultra

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