AccomPro Portal Edition

The Ultimate Booking Engine Software Package

AccomPro Portal Edition is ideal for many applications including:
 Chain Hotels, Multiple Properties, Chambers of Commerce, Community Portals, Travel Associations, Tour Wholesalers, Tour Operators, Non-Profit and For-Profit Travel Portals looking to add value to participating accommodation members.

 For-Profit travel portals can use AccomPro Portal Edition to create their own versions of major online travel agents like Expedia and Travelocity and effectively become your own online travel agent (OTA) and collect commissions on all transactions that occur through your own portal.

 The key selling feature of the AccomPro Portal Edition is its ability to act as an aggregator of multiple AccomPro accounts. The net effect is in the ability to build a robust platform by which customers can search for accommodations providers by any number of custom search criteria including: Region (mountain side or Village) , Property Type ( B & B or Motel or Hotel) or both.

 The search results display a list of accomodation providers and subsequent room types within those properties.

The following is a list of features / modules only available in the AccomPro Portal Edition
  • Custom Search Criteria
  • Multiple Property Search Results
  • Master Administrative Login
  • Add or Delete Accounts
  • Detailed Billing Reports
  • Branded Administrative Backend

Examples of AccomPro Portal Edition include:

Best Canadain Motor Inns

Best Canadian Motor Inns has 12 properties throughout the Canadian Prairies

Client Example (click to view):

onres hotel software - portal product

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