How to report what reservations are booked by which staff ?

How to create reports for Vacation Rental accounts?

Accounts that are running in the Vacation Rental mode are often in the need of creating reports for each individual rental property to track their revenues and commissions. This section summarises the steps to create such reports. Step 1 – Set up commission amount at the Rates Setup. Commissions are set on a per Rate Group […]

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How to run a Custom Report?

Auto Reports will be run by the system at the scheduled time. To run a Manual Report, click on the Run Now button on the Report list, to open the Run Report Now pop-up. You can choose a pre-set report period, e.g. (Past 7-days, Month To Date, Year To Date, etc), or choose a custom […]

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How to create a Custom report?

Click on the Custom Report (new) tab under the Analytics & Reports section on the left side navigation menu to open the Custom Report page. Click on the New Report button to open the Report Details pop-up. You can set the following items for your report    Note: In order to have the Auto Report run at the […]

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