Shopping Cart / Add-ons

OnRes Systems offer a number of unique features to ensure that you can provide your guest with a simple yet effective online booking experience. Our Shopping Cart/Add-On feature enables you to add incremental revenue by selling add-ons to your guests to enhance their stay.

Making Your Guests' Experience Even Better

Our shopping cart feature allows our accommodation partners to up-sell their online customers various add-ons to their room booking such as; a bottle of wine, bouquet of flowers, tickets to a local event, gift certificates or other activities - all designed to enhance your guests' stay. The add-on feature also allows tour companies to add-on items to their tour such as lunch, proper sporting equipment and more.

Fully Customizable Upgrades

Our Shopping Cart module is extremely simple to program and allows you to offer as many optional add-ons at any price to any room or tour. When checking out, your guests will be able to see their details and charges as well as any add-on items they have selected to purchase.

Simplifying the Buying Experience

Offering your guests the opportunity to purchase more than simply a hotel room or a basic tour allows them to upgrade their purchase, be excited about their stay and equally as important - increase your sales revenue.

Add Discounts And Promotional Items

Our add-on feature is the perfect way to offer guests discounted products, promotional products and experience products such as roses for their loved ones or a family zip-lining adventure before they arrive.

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