OnRes system’s AccomPro reservation software generates automatic reports for your business to ensure that you can track your customer’s booking data and properly plan for your businesses future success. Properly understanding and recording your customer’s habits will enable you to run your business as efficiently as possible.

Our Booking Engine Custom Report Options

Occupancy Reports

Our reservation system software will automatically provide you with both daily and monthly occupancy reports, so that you can track your businesses occupancy rates and plan accordingly. Occupancy reports can help your business offer discounts during proven slow periods or ensure that you are properly staffed based on past data.

Housekeeping Reports

AccomPro’s automatic housekeeping report generates a list of the day’s checkouts so that you can schedule your housekeepers accordingly. All housekeeping reports can be printed, emailed and filed to preference.

Custom Reports

AccomPro’s custom reporting system allows you to generate custom reports with up to 30 different criteria. This enables you to generate reports based on daily check-ins, customer information and more.

Guest Receipts

Our online reservation systems automatically generate printable customer invoices. All invoice templates are completely customizable to include your companies name, logo, etc.

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